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Marketing is best defined as a creative and systematic tool for communicating how your product or service will positively enrich the lives of your customer. The loudest voice often gets heard but seldomly remembered resulting in a lost opportunity. At KBBS we help craft solutions that allow you to foster new relationships.

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& when they ARE LISTENING

Watch your brand develop, notice an increase in leads, sales and the loyalty that follows 

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every business is unique so the solution can be unique too

Business Consultant Service

Professional consultation to help identify ways to streamline your business efforts and increase sales

Social Media Management

We offer full service social media management solutions that fit any size business  

Digital Transformation

Outdated technology, siloed teams, and inefficient digital processes need upgrading, and we'll help you plan 


Salesforce CRM Consulting

From installation to management, we can help you harness the power of Salesforce to drive business and employee performance 

Franchise Growth Marketing

Analyzing what's working and what's not while honing in on the best practices for growth

Event Management

We help make your tradeshows, conventions, event generate a positive ROI

I've worked with Kieth on tradeshow programs before. If you are looking to take your booth (and pre/post show) engagement to the next level, you really need to talk with him to learn about what he can do. It was so painless and I had been running our shows myself for years before he stepped in and helped us. 10 out of 10, I would work with him again. 

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Eric Mowls, Solutions Engineer at NiTEO Products

Team Meeting

Our agency lives to provide value to others. We believe in the servant leadership model and strive to follow a strict code of ethics:

Respect – always treating others as we would like to be treated

Integrity – we will always communicate openly and honestly with our clients and never overpromise

Servanthood – we believe in the power of servant leadership

Empower – we show our clients how to fish vs. keeping them reliant on others




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